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Traveling alone to Los Cabos....

by - September 03, 2016


Everyone deserves a break from their everyday routine. We live day to day with responsibilities that need to be taken care of. Whether your a single person with a dog or a mom to a family of 5, a nice little break is all we need to recharge our mind body and souls. In July I 
planned a vacation to take a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico in August. It was my first time traveling solo with my 3 year old daughter.

When I first booked the trip I was filled with mixed emotions after all, traveling alone is scary and with a three year old HA what was I in for....anywho I was scared, excited, and had A LOT of different  thoughts. My family was very supportive and that was comforting to me. Well I went ahead and used Bookit.com to reserve this amazing vacation. What do you as a traveler look for when booking a vacation? Il tell you I look for the most modern up to date resorts that are all inclusive, somewhere I can go and just have my bags delivered to my room while I'm sipping a fruity drink on the white sand beaches I so clearly adore... Upon booking my vacation I saw a lot of resorts were priced kind of steep so I had to narrow my options. I filtered into my search a resort where my child could stay free. If children stay free then you know it will be a family friendly resort this was calming because I knew the chances of seeing other children that my daughter could interact with were high! Finally, I find a resort where the children stayed free, the wifi was free, and it was a beachfront. SOLD to the spontaneous mom looking for a fun getaway. The airline Aero Mexico was an awesome airline. It's actually the best I've flown in a while. They offer one free checked back, the flight also provided a meal and the workers such as flight attendants were also very polite. The resort I chose was called Posada Real Los Cabos. It had 3.8 stars and compared to others looked amazing. So I confirmed my booking and then started reading reviews ( why I did this I have no clue ) reading reviews after you book a trip is not a good idea. It just adds worry and grief to the whole experience. I read good reviews, bad reviews and everything in between. MY experience was amazing. From check in to check out everything was more than I had anticipated. I was greeted like I was visiting my family. It felt like home away from home. Everyone was so kind and genuinely there to help you. It's a small resort but it was clean and the beach was beautiful. The pools were very clean as well. When I got to my room I was pleased to have an ocean view with a king bed...the room was clean. Now I mentioned I like modern up to date rooms and this wasn't as updated but it did have a flat screen and I was able to control the air conditioner. I try to travel as much as I can I enjoy visiting different tropical places most resorts have in room iPod docs this one did not BUT I did bring my beats pill along and that was enough to play music in the room while we got ready to go to the pool, beach or to eat. Which brings me to the food, it was delicious! Breakfast lunch and dinner were great. They had a variety to choose from and kid friendly items as well. While sitting at the beach or pool you do have waiters who wait on you hand and food. And it was nice to be called princess or Reyna every 15 to 20 minutes to make sure my child and I were ok and didn't need anything... The vacation went by FAST, the resort had nightly entertainment and my favorite was the mariachi band that serenaded the crowd. The resort also has an option to have a romantic dinner on the beach and they even do a fireworks show which I got to witness every time a couple had a romantic dinner. The sun was very strong and I definitely suggest sunblock because even with 100 spf I still got a amazing tan.the cleaning lady Rebecca was so nice and kind and always asked me did I need the room cleaned and would make it priority 😊. In the lobby salsa and merengue were played now I am Puerto Rican and this made my day.... I had music to jam to. I did venture off the resort and took a very exhausting walk to Walmart. The walk was about 30 min but I arrived drenched in sweat i pushed a stroller the whole way but it was a great way to excersize. I honestly don't know why I was so worried about going on this trip alone. I'd do it again in a heart beat. The resort gets a 5 star review from me! This was one of the BEST vacations I've had in a while... It's the small things in life that count.... 
 Here are some photos of the trip..


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