Sunday, September 25, 2016

My Locker was broken into at Xsport Fitness Norridge

Hey everyone! I haven't posted in a while as there has been SOOOO much going on. You all know I am a fitness freak. I love to work out and get my sweat on, well last week Thursday following my daily routine I dropped my daughter off at school and was super excited to hit the gym because
I made a killer leg workout I wanted to try. I got to the Xsport Fitness parked my car and walked into the locker room. I had my headphones and all my workout gadgets with me. Let me remind you I NEVER take a purse with my important documents in it. I had my passport and license and social security in it. I needed these documents for an appointment I had after the gym. I did have cash and of course some makeup and just things I felt I wanted to carry in my purse. Well while I was upstairs away from my locker I received two alerts that my chase debit card was being used. I immediately called Chase thinking I had dropped my debit card. I had it canceled but I was like over thinking how I could have possible dropped my card. Well I hurry to finish my workout because I thought maybe someone broke into my car. When I get to my locker I noticed my lock wasn't on and no where to be found. At that moment my heart dropped. I felt a rush of tears because as I opened my locker my purse was missing. I panicked I had no clue what to do! How could this happen?? Ive been going to Xsport Fitness for years. I then contacted the manager Kamila who I must say I appreciate a lot because she was so helpful in identifying the person. I did contact Norridge police to make a police report. Officer Cortez who is also an amazing person for helping me and being so patient and answering my questions and hearing me rant no matter what did everything he could do to make sure everything was done in a timely manner . We know who the girl is and I even ran into her at the gym. She was there three times after I was robbed and possibly could have been ripping others off as well. I am now waiting on the "detectives" who I'm not so happy with because they are dragging their feet on arresting her. I did want to update my readers because I have been posting about it on social media. Ive been so lazy to go to the gym since this has happened I just feel such a negative energy now and its not cool. Im going to resume my normal activities but I hope this thief is caught and put behind bars

Photo of the damage she did to the locker to get my lock off: 

This is what she looks like:

Here is a video to my Facebook of when I saw her and recorded her at the gym: 


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