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Data Transfers have never been Easier!

by - May 11, 2015

This weekend I shattered the screen to my iPhone 6. Lucky for me I have insurance on it so will be receiving a new phone soon! The dilemma I faced was how I am going to transfer all my sexy pictures and important information from my phone to the new one! Well we all know I am the queen of research and found a ONE CLICK app that will take care of this for me. Whether you're upgrading phones, switching to a different device or changing carriers, only some cell phone companies might help you transfer contacts – but what about everything else?
Wondershare MobileTrans makes it extremely easy for you to take everything, including contacts, photos, text messages, music, calendar, video, apps and call logs, with you in 1 click. It's safe and risk-free, and all content it transfers is 100% the same as the original one.
Now I no longer have that worry about having a blank phone with nothing in it and having to start new!

You can TRY or BUY the app here!
I definitely recommend that you buy you never know when your going to need that one click data transfer! 

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