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Check out the Latest Mobile Game Craze!

by - April 14, 2015

If you are my friend on Facebook you know how much I like trying out new games. This game is really fun and keeps me busy!
Honey Heroes is the latest mobile game craze, available for iOS, Android, and Facebook. It's not your average tile based puzzler, but a unique variation on the theme that sees honeybees pollinating flowers to fill the honey bear. It's beautifully addictive. 

Check it out:

Trailer: http://bit.ly/1NC5cQC

iTunes App Store: http://apple.co/1bPLghx

Google Play: http://bit.ly/1BRvp8k

Facebook: http://bit.ly/1Cad3Oz

Hailed as the thinking player’s Candy Crush, Players work with honey bees, dragonflies, butterflies and grasshoppers to clear tiles. Honey Heroes does require a bit more brain power than other games in the same genre, so it’s more suited to players who aren't afraid to think.

Unlike other tile based games, Honey Heroes is not a match 3 style game. This unique game mechanic uses one-to-one correspondence to match the correct combination of flowers. The more flowers you pollinate the more honey you collect and the faster you progress.

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