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What are the best headphones to use when working out?

by - March 31, 2015

Hey everyone with the launch of my new Fitness site I have been doing some major research for the best headphones to use when your going to have a HARDCORE workout! I came across
some headphones that seem pretty damn cool! They are sleek and exactly what a person who runs or lifts weights needs. These are light weight headband sport headphones that let your ears breath and don't fall out like ear buds when you get sweaty. They stay cool when your hot hot hot!!! These headphones were featured in an article on http://www.womenshealthbag.com/sports-headphones-a-perfect-choice-for-athletes/ as a PERFECT choice for athletes! I consider myself an athlete so am definitely going to purchase these!

The brand is called Sonxtonic! 

Learn more about the model of headphones here :lhttp://www.sonxtronic.com/sonxtronic-xdr-8001-white-ice.html

Make sure to place your order TODAY! Don't wait till they sell out! 


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