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My ULTIMATE vacation....

by - December 15, 2014

As I lay in bed after a long long day, I cant help but think about
a vacation! Its been TWO whole years since ive been on a vacation and Im so due for one! Ive worked a total of 106 hours at work in two weeks and have the rest of December working these same hours! Hell yeah its about time I start planning a vacation.... Oh wait, Im a mom! it has to be a family fun vacation! I dont mind being somewhere on a beach while my little princess builds sandcastles! Ahhhh a woman can dream! My ultimate vacation would include one where my mom goes along and plays nanny! Haha I wish! Im thinking somewhere exotic and hot. Maybe the Bahamas or Jamaica. I never did go on my vacation to Jamaica. My ultimate vacation is one where I can sit and share with the world how amazing it is! Where I can take pictures and indulge the beautiful surrounding and relax! Ahhh relaxation something I havent been able to do.... Thats life as a busy mommy! What is your ultimate vacation??

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