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Have you ever seen?!?

by - December 22, 2014


                                                          This week i discovered that....
Kevin Hart is coming to Illinois January 23rd 2015! I think Kevin Hart is the funniest guy ever! He is my absolute FAVORITE! I have tickets... GOOD tickets on the main floor 4th row! Im pretty excited I mean who is willing to drive two hours to see someone who is going to make them laugh?!? THIS girl right here! I think what I like about Kevin Hart is that he is young and so down to earth! He really talks about some funny real life shit like relationship stuff and real life situations but they are soooooo funny! After buying his tickets I was inspired to work out ! I said "OK you need to look good for this event!" And damnit thats what im going to do! I like setting goals and deadlines. That is what keeps life pretty exciting! So i guess until January 23rd Il work out and watch Kevin Hart clips!

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