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Baby's First Birthday Party!

by - May 19, 2014

Hola everyone! I cant believe my babys birthday is approaching so quickly! I've been super busy taking care of her, working and losing this baby weight. I've had NO time for anything else. Well an update on
my weight loss I have lost a total of 28 pounds. Im doing the same thing the first time I got skinny before having the baby and thats calorie counting! I plan on losing 20 more pounds but at 130 il start more weight lifting. Im so bad with getting things done in a timely manner! I have to start planning Jaylanis birthday party! I want to keep it intimate yet VERY fun! I loved the theme Alice in ONEderland theme hence shes is going to be ONE and I reserved a forest preserve grove but im thinking twice about it. I want to share alllll my party ideas with you guys so as soon as i figure it out you will definitely be in the loop of what kind of party im planning. Who knows maybe you all will like some of the ideas and try them out.  OR I have an even better idea maybe you guys can help me and give me some ideas as to what would be cool for a babys first birthday party. Id love to read them in the comments below! Well for now Im signing off and going to bed. Sweetdreams! <3

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