Saturday, February 22, 2014

Investing in Stocks!

Hey guys! Ive totally been missing in action like always ha ha but this time I want to tell you all about something Ive been planning to do for a long time!
I have been watching the stock market and doing A LOT of research to buy stocks and invest my money! We all have dreams of living financially stable and in control of our money. I know a lot of us want to take vacations, pay our children's college fund and just live a good life. I'm not saying that money is the most important thing but it is a need and if I can help it I am going to be smart and make it grow. I am particularly interested in PENNY STOCKS! I know I know most of you are saying is this girl crazy?? I know penny stocks are riskier and if done wrong can result in a BIG loss of your money but I am an open minded person and would try everything at least once in life. So with that being said I signed up for a brokerage account Merrill Edge because I bank with Bank of America. They only charge 6.95 per trade. I am also using the software think or swim. The only downside of trading with Merrill Edge is that you have to have a minimum of 25000 balance to buy Penny stocks. However TD Ameritrade doesn't have a minimum balance requirement for buying Penny Stocks.

 I have invested in MVIS and HEMP. My plan is to hopefully reach a 20 to 30 percent profit and sell.

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