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Two Day Detox...... Results

by - October 29, 2013

Well today is the end of the two day detox I started, and I must say...
I feel soooo damn good! I feel more energetic and a lot less BLOATED. After today I am starting a new meal plan which I'm very excited about, but this post is about the detox. Let me show you what I ate in two days... I drank only green tea and water. I think this is a PERFECT way to restart your body to continue a healthy lifestyle.

Grilled Chicken and Sauteed Spinach with Pico De Gallo (Lunch)

Pepper Cucumber w/Dash of Vinegar and Green Tea

Grilled Chicken with Romaine Lettuce and Corn

Black beans, Corn, Sauteed Spinach and Romaine lettuce

Yes I made all of these dishes with these simple ingredients. I am so proud of everyone who joined this journey with me. I cant wait to show you all the other recipes I have in store.

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