Friday, October 25, 2013

The weight loss journey begins!

Its been about four months since I had my baby and I can honestly say Im ready to start my weight loss journey and healthy way of life again...

Alot of times us mothers dont have the energy to keep up with ourselves and I can say I understand why. We are so busy taking the best care of our little ones we often put ourselves last , but we cant live life this way. We will regret it because WE CAN keep up with ourselves and live a healthy life and look good and feel great!  Before any diet I like to kind of restart my body and "pre-diet" its kind of like a kick start to eat clean for the rest of my life. We have to remember theres going to be slip ups and that is ok!!! The main idea is to not let the slip ups hold you back from continuing your healthy lifestyle journey!

Since im going to be helping quit a few women I chose a simple 2 day pre-diet from the womens health magazine.

I like to try a variety of things and the meal plans I will be posting will be made by me with my knowledge and certification in nutrition im excited for all the healthy options I can come up with! Im not going to recommend any programs to buy or any thing that will cost you Im simply providing you with what exactly you should do to accomplish your fitness goals! We all have different goals and motives but if we work toward what we really want we will all be exactly where we want to be!

Disclaimer: I am not a personal trainer or nutritionist. Please seek a physician prior to starting any fitness program.


  1. If you want to reduce your weight then it is very important that you should concentration on your daily exercise routine because it helps us to reduce our fat and convert them into energy and it also help us to stay fit and fine and away from many type of diseases.

  2. @malachi im definitely going to incorporate an exercise routine thanks for your tips. What kind of exercises do you think are best?

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