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How to PROPERLY Track your Progress

by - October 28, 2013

Hi guys! So we've started this detox and I must say it feels sooooo freakin good to eat clean. I know a lot of people have withdrawal headaches and that's normal when your body isn't getting the caffeine or sugars you are used to. My advice is...

to drink LOTS of water! So im here to tell you guys to take your measurements and how to take your measurements and WHY its important lol.  Ok heres a picture I found to explain where you are going to measure first then Il get into why.

Most of us weigh ourselves and record our weight but I think a more efficient way to track your progress is to also record your measurements because scales can lie. Muscle weighs more than fat so if your training properly and eating right your weight can go up as your body fat percentage can go down. Measuring will show you  how much you are shrinking and in what spots.  By tracking your progress in more than one way you will be able to tell what works and what doesn't in your workouts or eating plan. 
Before I get into measuring I want to say one thing PLEASE do not measure yourself everyday or weigh yourself everyday. Our body weight can fluctuate quite a bit throughout the day. Pick one day out of the week to weigh and measure yourself and make sure its at the same time.

Take measurements –If you dont have a tape measure you can buy one at a craft store.  Make sure your measurements are taken in the morning and not after your workout.  Also, make sure you measure the same location each week. Take a circumference measurement at each of these spots and write it down:

-Shoulders (both arms down at your side, at the widest point from shoulder to shoulder)
-Chest (lift up your arms, wrap the tape measure around your chest, just above the nipple, and then lower your arms)
-Bicep (either left or right, but be consistent)
-Waist (at the belly button for consistency)
-Hips (measure the widest part of your hips)
-Thigh (left or right, but pick the same spot on your thigh each week) 
Please refer to the picture above for these locations.

Ask me any questions Im here to help

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