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Headbands for Newborns and Infants!

by - September 24, 2013

Hello All! I have been so busy working on the opening of my online Headband shop for newborns and infants that I haven't posted anything.
My beautiful daughter wearing a Chicago Bears headband I made.

Another Chicago Bears Headband I made...

Its always something that keeps me from posting. Anyway today I am announcing the site so that all the mommy's to baby girls can check us out. I will be looking for mini headband models for the site sometime in the near future so stay tuned!  I do take requests for any ideas you have that want made into a head band and I also take requests for any tutorials you want demonstrated on here! That's what I am here for. Feel free to message me or post comments with feedback or questions. I appreciate everyone who spends the time to read anything of mine!

OH almost forgot the website www.daintydiadems.com  Still adding some finishing touches but let me know what you guys think! :)


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