Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to save money.... My Soap.com review!

So I got my order from....
soap.com I ordered:

Charmin Ultra strong toilet paper 24 double Rolls
Bounty Paper Towels 8ct
Dawn Dishwashing Detergent
Crest Pro-health Multiprotection Rinse
Crest 3D white Toothpaste
Olay Ultra Moisture beauty with Shea butter Bar 2ct
Always Radiant Infinity with wings 16ct
Old Spice High Endurance Body wash
Elf Studio Stipple Brush

My total for everything at a regular department store would of been about 70.00 dollars plus the gas I would of spent to get there and back home. On soap.com my subtotal was 67.46 but with coupons applied I paid 31.98! I saved a total of 35.48!  The quality of the name brand products I purchased were great! Soap.com offers free shipping so that was a plus as well. The way they package everything is fabulous! I can honestly say for my second time shopping online I LOVED IT and will do it again! The only bad thing about shopping online is that I don't get to walk around a crowded store with people in my way but hey I can deal with that! Shopping from  the convenience of my own home is the best! Not to mention they supply you with more coupons to use and you can combine a lot of the coupons to save more money! OH and if you aren't satisfied with the products they accept free returns! Now that's what I call great customer service!


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