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Shocking Update....

by - December 06, 2012

Hey everyone! Im back! I havent been on in a while. Hmmmm where do I start?? Ok lets start back in June.

Well my husband and I separated because we simply werent getting along. Things got to stressful so we decided to just take a break and thought it was going to be for good. Well to help ease the pain I booked a trip to Miami alone.I was in Miami June 28th for about a week. I was so depressed that I lost a ton of weight and looked very skinny.  I was pobably the skinniest Ive ever been 114 pounds.Thank god a good girl friend of mine met me in Miami! This made me forget about my troubles and we focused on partying! We went to all the hot spots in Miami like Cameo, Mangos, Space and a few other clubs. I had a BLAST!

 When I got back to chicago in July I was still partying and got into hanging with the wrong crowd. I started hanging with the wrong type of girls and ended up cutting them off. I was HATED for that one. I dont think these girls understood I just wanted to greive the breakup alone. They took offense to me not wanting to hang out with them and I made enemies. One of the girls got mad becuase I became friends with a guy she liked. 

 I left to California in August for another week to visit family and party some more with my girl who met me in Miami. We definitely took over the West Coast the way we took over Miami.  I was at Disney Land when I started recieving threatning phone calls from the fake bitches I used to hang out with. I didnt have time to deal with it so let it go to voice mail. 

When I got back to Chicago my girl actually flew out to visit MY hometown the way I visited hers. We partied some more and more but one night I was walking out of the club me and her were hosting and the enemies pulled up to my car which was parked and tried to jump me. I had a few guys with me who didnt let them touch me. Once these animals realized I couldnt be touched they took empty Vodka bottles and threw them at my car. They did this in front of a club where  I was very well known. I let that horrible event fly as I am not a vengeful person and it was on to the next club. 

 I then flew out to Miami again and come to find out one of the girls car was burnt! I mean FRIED CRISPY! lol well isnt Karma a bitch! After that event because of the concerns of my family I layed low for a while and cooled out on the party scene as my mother and famiy were convinced the animals would seek revenge! 

 I stood home alot because my brother who battled cancer for 19 years was at his end. September 27, 2012 I lost my brother. This changed my life completely! Of course my husband found out my brother had passed and because of the history they had of knowing eachother his family and him payed their respects to my brothers funeral. Seeing my husband for the first time in three months was like falling in love at first sight. I realized no amount of partying and no guy could fill in the empty gap I had of missing and wanting to be with my husband. 

He walked up to me and gave me a hug and it was such a meanngful hug. At that moment I knew he missed me as well. That same night we went home and made love! Probably the most passionate love we have ever had and continued seeing each other. My birthday was October 4th and that we weekend we wen to a bar in Rosemont called Adobe with some of my friends. I was feeling weird i felt like none of my clothes fit and I was just not myself. 

That weekend we went to the movies with my mom and I never ate popcorn the way i ate that popcorn. My mom suspected something I would NEVER suspect! Yep....She asked me if I was pregnant!!! I said HELL NO! Theres no way! I was in denial. 

October 18th my mom again asked me if I had gotten my period I then realized oh crap im a week late! We went and bought a First Response Pregnancy test. We actually bought 3! I took all of them and yes they came out POSITIVE! Yep thats right this sexy lady right here is expecting her first baby. Its crazy how life works but I wouldnt change it for the world. Here is a pic of my baby! Im due in June!

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  1. Congratulations Jay and I hope everything works out for you

  2. Gabriella and Desiree' are great girls names. I hear Aiden is popular for boys or Jaylen