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Oh NO they didnt!!!

by - January 13, 2012

As you all know I love to read about celebrity gossip! Whether im at the salon getting my hair done or in line waiting to check out I am always reading about the crazy things these well known celebrities do and I must say the breakup that caught my attention most was

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony! (yes Kim Kadashians divorce did too) but, when I found out that Jennifer Lopez was dating her 24 year old back up dancer and Marc Anothony was dating a 24 year old model my jaw dropped!!

Arent they a little to old to bounce back with people half their age on top of having children that arent even old enough to understand a separation?? They looked like such a happy couple and you would think by some of the songs she released she was happy with her "papi"! Do you think they moved to fast with fining significant others half their age??

Take a look at them happy with the new "loves" in their lives!
Jennifer Lopez and her new boyfriend Casper Smart

Marc and New Model Girlfriend Shannon De Lima

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