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BEER.....Not MY kind of drink!

by - January 30, 2012

Yesterday I posted a status on my facebook page about beer. It read "Girls that drink beer like men
 cuz its cheap just to get a buzz shouldnt drink at all! Your only getting a beer belly and looking like the sloppiest bitch in the club. Keep it classy DAMN!" Now one smart ass tried to call me out on my grammatical error hahaha excuse me its FACEBOOK not my college professor I am submitting a paper to. I can care less what people think of me for my grammatical errors. No one is perfect and Im sorry I dont spend my time trying to write shit perfect so that idiots like that person can get smart and call me out! LOL complete waste of time I dont live to please anyone but MYSELF! Anyways I am personally not a beer lover and dont drink it at all! I was out on Saturday night at a club and saw so many girls chugging down beer after beer! It was almost as if I was witnessing men in dresses! I am a very outspoken woman and think BEER out of all alcohol makes women look sloppy and eventually gets her fat hence the term "beer belly". It seems to me that alot of "girls" got offended because of my opinion, but I would like to make something very clear I was not saying that girls shouldnt drink beer my opinion was simply stating that drinking beer like a man at a club looks cheap and trashy! Sure any alcohol can have this effect on a woman when she drinks excessively but lets stay on topic here people! READ the status for what it was and not what you want to make it be! So again ladies if your at a club and you plan on chugging down beers like Homer Simpson make the smarter choice and either dont drink excessivley or drink in moderation have them pour your beer in a cup and try to KEEP IT CLASSY! Girls walking around with corona bottles all drunk makes me laugh! So with that being said If you dont DRINK LIKE A MAN AT A CLUB your defensive opinion isnt needed!.

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