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The pupil dilates 45% when looking at something beautiful....Make yourself LOOK and Feel Beautiful!

by - December 12, 2011

Every girl or woman should have a beauty routine!  I have one and I follow it to the T. A beauty routine is...

a list of things a girl follows to take care of herself and enhance her appearance! If you dont have one GET ONE! It really bothers me to see women let themselves go! Its not hard to keep up with yourself your a woman you deserve to be pampered! My routine consist of getting a mani/pedi, eyebrows,brazilian wax and a hair cut/blowdry about 3 times a month. Its that simple! Yes it gets expensive but investing in yourself is the BEST thing you can do! Have your boyfriend or husband or babydaddy invest in you if you dont want to invest in yourself! Those are things I do frequently every two months I go to the salon to get a facial and massage taking care of your skin as well should be on your routine! I use Nuetrogena facial products becuase I tend to break out alot! Neutrogena helps and I reccomend it if you have blemishes or problem skin! Invest in good quality makeup! At the moment I have 2 main makeup brands I use when im not using my fabulous airbrush system and they are M.A.C and Clinique! If you cant afford it I would reccomend Revlon, but use something to enhance your beauty. It will make you feel sexy and boost your confidence! Also eating right and working out should be part of your routine. How do you expect to feel good and look good for your man when your eating fast food and packing on the pounds? Eat lighter and be more active! STOP BEING LAZY! Come on ladies its going to be a new year! Set goals to improve yourself. If your always stressed take time to do something you enjoy for atleast 30 minutes out of your day. My routine may be different than yours so please share yours with me. What does your beauty routine consist of?

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