Monday, December 12, 2011

Dazzling shoes! What more can a woman ask for?!?

So I recently came across a website called and after taking the personality quiz I fell in LOVE with the style of shoes chosen for me!

You get a personal shoe stylist and fabulous looking shoes for 39.95! Every month your credit card is charged that amount and your shoedazzling account is credited to order a new pair of shoes! Of course if you dont want to order theres no obligtation to all you do is opt to skip the month! With todays economy its always smart to save money so why not save money and look fabulous!? I ordered a pair and am anxiously waiting for them to arrive! I like really high heels and platform shoes! I will definitely keep you guys updated and do a review of the shoe and let tou know if the site is worth it or not, but meanwhile take a look at the shoe i ordered and give it a try yourself!

<a href="" id="qY338">Dreamhost coupon code</a>

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  1. I have heard about that store. I am glad to hear your views on it. I am sometimes a little bit wary of anyone hopping for me but I think that from most of the reviews I have heard of these types of stores, when the stylists/shoppers know what they are doing, you really get great accessories.


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